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"And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it" Revelation 21 verse 26


PART 5: Nations Access Into The “New Jerusalem”



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1.Nations Access Into The “New Jerusalem”.

2.Nations Access To View The Consequence Of Sin Against God.











Nations Access Into The “New Jerusalem”.

In Revelation 21 verses 24 - 26, the gates of the “New Jerusalem” will not be shut in order to allow continuous traffic of nations of natural human beings through the city.

Firstly : This traffic is necessary to ensure that nations can access the “Tree of Life” required to sustain their immortality. 

Secondly: This traffic is necessary for nations to come and worship Jesus Christ, pledge their loyalty, presents Christ with their gifts (similar to the present practice of giving 10% tithe in the house of God) and learn about His laws. The phrase “…one new moon to another” (i.e beginning of one month to another) in Isaiah 66 verse 22 – 24 shows that this is a round the clock visit into the city. Due to the large number of nations involved, this passage is not a suggestion the same nations will be coming every month, but rather that when a group of nations comes during a certain month, another set of nations might come in subsequent months. The reason for saying this lies in the fact that God have always instituted the practice of people coming to His house. In the old testament,  God demanded a similar visitations from the nation of Israel and Judah every quarter or once in a year to the old city of Jerusalem. Read I Samuel 15 verse 21, 22, Deuteronomy 16 verse 16; 31 verse 11, I Kings 12 verse 27, Luke 2 verses 41 – 42, John 4 verse 20. In the New testament, God requires believers to come and fellowship together in His house (or in the physical church building). During this visit, people are required to give the first fruits of all their personal gain to the House of God. So the visit of the nations of the “New Heavens and Earth” into the “New Jerusalem” is a continuation of this practice. This is because this is a principle established by God right from the beginning of time and is an everlasting principle. God always wants His creatures to appreciate Him through their physical presence and presentation of their material substance (Malachi 3 verse 8 – 12)

Thirdly : This traffic is necessary to show humanity the consequence of sin which characterised the existence of natural human beings who lived during the first dispensation. Hence the nations will be allowed to view the Lake of Fire burning all those who rejects God or disobeys His laws during their life time. Click here to view topical index



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Nations Access To View The Consequence Of Sin Against God.

According to Isaiah 66 verse 24, during this visit to the “New Jerusalem”, the nations of the “New Heavens and Earth” will be allowed to see the Lake of fire. This would help to warn them not to sin against God. These nations will be able to view the eternal suffering of billions of their ancestors who existed during the first dispensation of mankind (i.e from the creation of  Adam and Eve to the end of the millennial reign of Christ), but choose not to obey God’s law or accept His provision of salvation for humanity through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This will become an eternal deterrent to sin. And this is the reason why created beings, whether angels, saints or human beings of this era will never again sin against God. The Bible said that the suffering of these lost souls will “….be an abhorring unto all flesh”. In other words, these suffering will be repugnant to the natural human beings of that era.

Please note that none of God’s creatures are created as robot, but as free moral agent with a free will to choose between doing good or evil. Unfortunately because this type of deterrent did not exist in the past, some of the angels of God choose to rebel against Him, and multitudes of Human beings have always chosen not to follow God despite attempts by God to correct them through the Bible.

However the opening of the Lake of fire throughout eternity will prevent any of the new future creatures ever sinning against God. Click here to view topical index


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