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"..., and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruits every month:..." Revelation 22 verse 2


PART 4: The Tree Of Life In The New Earth



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1.The Tree Of Life And “Healing Of The Nations Will Safeguard Against The Effect Of Entropy.









The Tree Of Life And “Healing Of The Nations” Will Safeguard Against The Effect Of Entropy.

However any decline from entropy on the “New Earth” will be prevented by the following measures put in place by God.

“FRUITS FROM THE TREE OF LIFE: God is going to revisit His original plan for human continual existence to be sustained through the tree of life in Revelation 22 verse 2. The “Tree of Life” was first mentioned shortly after the creation account in Genesis 2 verse 9. It is the only means through which natural human beings can achieve immortality in Genesis 3 verse 22. However as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve, mankind was denied access to the “Tree of Life” and this led to human beings dying after a while on earth.  During the “New Heaven and Earth”, God will allow natural human beings to once again eat from the “Tree of Life”. The Tree of life will always bear hundreds of millions or billions of fruits which will fall into 12 varieties every month.  Because this Tree will cater for billions or trillions of humanity that will exist at that time, these trees will all line both side of a river proceeding from the throne of God.  Since this river proceeds from the throne of God, this river will therefore extend across the length and breadth of the “New Jerusalem” and traverse every nook and cranny of this holy city forming fountains of living water (Read  Revelation 7 verse 17, Ezekiel 47 verses 1 - 12). As a result, the “Tree of Life” will number in several millions or billions of beautiful  individual trees.  It will be located in the midst of the paradise of God. This paradise is also known as the “New Jerusalem” (Revelation 2 verse 7). Note that while the natural human beings of that era needs these fruits for survival (i.e immortality), the heavenly beings of that era can also partake of these fruits just for pleasure. Read John 21 verses 5 – 15 for an example of where Jesus Christ (heavenly being) ate human food with His disciples (natural human beings) 2,000 years ago.

LEAVES FROM THE TREE OF LIFE”: The leaves of this tree will be medicinal as well Ezekiel 47 verse 12. The fact that the bibles says that these leaves  are “…..for the healings of the nations” is another proof that the body of natural human beings of that dispensation will experience wear and tear, but will however be restored to perfection through the consumption of these leaves. Click here to view topical index


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