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"And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie:.." Revelation 21 verse 27


PART 6: All Evil Will Be Permanently Eliminated



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1.Sin Will Not Be Permitted During This Period.

2.There Will Be No Curse In The “New Heaven And Earth”.













Sin Will Not Be Permitted During This Period.

In Revelation 21 verse 27, sin will not be allowed into the “New Jerusalem”. Those suffering inside the lake of fire in the full view of Jesus Christ and His heavenly beings does not stand any chance to escape into the “New Jerusalem” (Revelation 14 verse 10 – 11). Even outside this city within the rest of the “New Heavens and Earth”, it will be impossible for the natural human beings of that era to sin against God. This is because Satan and his fallen angels will not be present to temp them into sin, constant observation of the punishment of eternal lake of fire, and finally because the atmosphere of that era will not facilitate the promotion of anything that is inimical to the will of God. Click here to view topical index



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There Will Be No Curse In The “New Heaven And Earth”.

In Revelation 22 verse 3a, this period will be characterised by the absence of all curses that have ever befallen the current earth. Unlike the period of the millennial age when some curses (i.e Sin and death in Isaiah 65 verse 20, expanse of the sea still takes up majority of planet earth) will still persist on earth, the future generations of the “New Heaven and Earth” will not experience any curse whatsoever. There will be no death. Also there will be no sea to take up major part of the surface of the “New Earth” (Revelation 21 verse 1). Rather the River of Life which proceeds from the throne of God will branch into all kinds of fountain of water that will exist at that time (i.e lakes, pools etc). Read Revelation 7 verse 17, Ezekiel 47 verses 1 – 12.

For those human beings of the current dispensation of mankind (i.e  you and me and all our ancestors from Adam and Eve), the era of the “New Heaven and Earth” without any curse appears to paint a picture that is inconceivable to grasp. This is because we are used to Mankind experiencing all kinds of evils such as death, sicknesses, wars, natural disasters etc. And all our institutions such as Government, Banking, hospitals, educational, welfare, policing system etc are designed to cater for such evils. However the era of the “New Heaven and Earth” will change all that. That time will results in completely new system and institutions being established on the new earth. Click here to view topical index


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