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"In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria,....In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:" Isaiah 19 verses 23 - 24


PART 3: Israel And The Middle East During The Millennial Age



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1.Jesus Rids the World Of Sin And Idolatry.

2.Permanent Peace In The Middle East.

3.The Millennial Reign Will Be Through The Nation Of Israel.

4.God’s Promise To Abraham Will Be Fulfilled.

5.All “Lost” Tribes of Israel Within The Arab World Will Be Gathered Back To Palestine

a.    Southern Tribe of Israel’s Captivity

b.   Northern Tribe  of Israel’s Captivity

c.    Lost Tribes Restored During the Millennial Age










Jesus Rids the World Of Sin And Idolatry

According to I Corinthians 15 verses 24 - 28, Matthew 13 verses 40 – 42, during this time, Jesus Christ will rid the world of sin and curses which have prevented man from assisting God with administration of the  affairs of the universe. The Lord Jesus Christ will return in the cloud at Armageddon and will rid the Middle East of the idolatry which has had stranglehold on nations of that region for thousands of years (Isaiah 19 verse 1). The sin and idolatry which characterised the reign of the king and people of Israel during Bible days will be done away with at this point in history (Ezekiel 43 verse 7, 44 verses 6 - 8)

In Daniel 9 verse 24, there will be everlasting righteousness on earth. This period will mark the end of the evil reign of man on earth.

Also the animosity and jealousy that usually mares the relationship of one person to another will be done away with during this time as there will be peace and neighbourliness between people (Zechariah 3 verse 10). Click here to view content index


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Permanent Peace In The Middle East

In Isaiah 19 verses 23 – 25, all the Arab world and Israel will live in peace with one another and serve Jesus Christ. The thousands of years of hostilities between Israel and her Arab neighbour will cease permanently. Click here to view content index


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The Millennial Reign Will Be Through The Nation Of Israel

From I Chronicles 22 verse 10, Ezekiel 20 verse 40 the millennial reign will be established eternally through the lineage of David. David was the son of Jesse and descendant of Abraham (Psalm 132 verse 11, Isaiah 11 verse 1). And David was a king whom God raised up among the children of Israel.  Jesus Christ’s first advent was through the lineage of David (Luke 1 verse 32, 3 verses 23 - 32).  God promised that the millennial age will be eternally established through the lineage of David (I Kings 9 verse 5, Isaiah 9 verse 7, Jeremiah 23 verses 5 & 6; Jeremiah 33 verse 15, Isaiah 16 verse 5). All gentile (or every other nation apart from Israel) government will be subject to Christ’s reign which will be established through the nation of Israel (Isaiah 11 verse 10, Romans 15 verse 12), a direct descendant of Abraham (read Genesis 12  verses  1- 3, 28 verse 14). There shall be no end to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ during the millennium (Luke 1 verses 32, 33). Click here to view content index


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God’s Promise To Abraham Will Be Fulfilled

God’s promise to Abraham will begin to be fulfilled at this time. Read Genesis 15 verse 5, 28 verse 14 (note: the complete fulfilment of these promises will materialise during the “New Heaven & Earth” during which  time human population will forever grow without people dying). The Israelites will multiply as the sand of the sea shore and as stars of the night sky. It is important to understand that after 3,500 years since these prophecies were first made, these passages are yet to be fulfilled. While the present number of the children of Israel both in Palestine and the rest of the world only amount to less than 15 millions (which is countable), the above passages let us know that a time will come during the era of the Millennial age and New  Earth when their numbers will become uncountable. Click here to view content index


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All “Lost” Tribes of Israel Within The Arab World Will Be Gathered Back To Palestine



Southern Tribe of Israel’s Captivity

The present population of the world’s Jews is only a fraction of the total number of the true descendants of the nation of Israel which existed during Bible times. Only a small percentage of the descendant of Jacob (also known as Israel) are identifiable as Jews to the rest of the world. Majority of the present day Jews descended from the Southern tribe of Israel which was initially carried away into captivity by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, a place now located in modern day Iraq. (II Kings chapter 25, I Chronicles 6 verse 15, Daniel 1 verse 1). However 70 years later, a lot of these Jewish captives returned to Jerusalem to rebuild their country under the leadership of Nehemiah (Daniel 9 verse 2, Jeremiah 25 verses 11 & 12; Jeremiah 29 verse 10, Nehemiah chapter 1). Approximately 520 years later after Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, the Jewish descendants of the Southern tribe were once again led into captivity by the Roman empire. This second captivity resulted in their dispersion all over the world for approximately 2,000 years. But since 1948, these Jews are re-gathering back to Palestine. Click here to view content index


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Northern Tribe  of Israel’s Captivity

 A greater proportion of the descendants of Jacob have been absorbed into the Arab world. These people descended from the Northern tribe of Israel (including Samaria and Damascus mentioned during Jesus Christ’s  first advent) which was carried away into captivity by the King of Assyria at about approximately 740 BC (and approximately 120 years before the Southern’s  tribe captivity). Read II Kings 16 verses 7 – 19 and the entire  II Kings chapter 17.

This northern tribe was also carried into captivity into a region that now encompasses present day Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. Unlike the Southern tribe, the Northern tribe did not return to their land in Palestine. Rather they became part of the Arab world and are part of what Historians calls the “Ten Lost Tribes” of Israel.

 Their descendants such as the Pashtun tribe of present day Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other Arab countries later embraced Islam just like the rest of the Arab world did. Click here to view content index


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Lost Tribes Restored During the Millennial Age

The gradual restoration of these “lost tribes” to Palestine which started earlier with the Southern tribe over 100 years ago, will be culminated by Jesus Christ Himself during the millennial age. Both Southern and Northern tribes will be restored and allocated back their land in accordance to the eternal division God ordained for them. Read Ezekiel 47 verses 13 - 48 verse 29.

Please note that when this prophecy was made in the book of Ezekiel, Israel was in captivity. From the time of this prophecy till the present day is approximately 2,622 years. Within this period, the Southern tribe was temporarily restored to Palestine for just 500 years until the Roman General, Titus sacked and destroyed Jerusalem at AD70. Read Daniel 9 verse 26, Daniel 9 verses 24 - 27. Throughout the 2,622 years, this prophecy was never fulfilled and will therefore have a future literal fulfilment during the millennial age on earth. Click here to view content index


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