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"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God,..." Isaiah 9 verse 6


PART 2: Jesus Christ Will Govern The Earth During The Millennial Age.


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1.Jesus Christ Will Be Lord Of The Earth.

2.Jesus Christ Will Rule The World In Righteousness.

3.All Nations Shall Serve And Give Tribute To Jesus Christ.

4.Jesus Christ Will Exercise World Wide Dominance





Jesus Christ Will Be Lord Of The Earth

In Zechariah 14 verse 9, the word “LORD” is a reference to God. And this God is the same as the son of God, known in the Bible as the “WORD OF GOD” or Jesus Christ (John 20 verse 28, Hebrew 1 verse 8, John 1 verses 1 - 14).  His reign on earth is His second advent on earth.

 At His first advent about 2,000 years ago, He was born as a normal human being (Galatians 4 verse 4, John 1 verse 14) in order give eternal life to all human beings that will accept His free gift of salvation (I John 5 verse 13), but at His second advent, Jesus Christ comes to establish His government on the earth as “LORD of Lords” (Read Revelation 19 verse 16, Isaiah 9 verses 6 & 7).  Click here to view topical index


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Jesus Christ Will Rule The World In Righteousness

In Psalm 9 verses 7 & 8, the Lord Jesus Christ’s rule is everlasting and He will execute the justice of righteousness and uprightness across all nations of the earth. Jesus Christ will be swift to listen to the prayers and cries of those who will be humble to seek him during this time and would give them peace. He will ensure there is no inhumanity of man to another. A trait which presently characterises the world we presently live in (i.e the age before the millennial reign). Read Psalm 10 verses 16 – 18, Psalm 37 verse 11, Isaiah 11 verses 3 – 5, Psalm 98 verse 9.  Click here to view topical index


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All Nations Shall Serve And Give Tribute To Jesus Christ

In Isaiah 60 verse 12, all nations during the millennial age would be required to serve Jesus Christ.  Daniel 7 verses 13, 14 says that all nations, people and language shall serve Jesus Christ and Christ’s kingdom will never be destroyed (read also Revelation 11 verse 15).  All rebellious nations which would accept the Mark of the beast during the 7 seven years Great Tribulation will be excluded from the millennial reign of Christ and doomed into eternity in the lake of fire. Matthew 25 verses 31, 32, 41-46.

The topography of Jerusalem will change at this time and will be elevated above all other cities of the world of that time and nations will go into the city from time to time (Micah 4 verse 1,2).

All nations that are allowed into the millennial reign of Christ would be required to go to Jerusalem to worship Jesus Christ from year to year.  Just as born again believers are presently required to show their appreciation to God through giving of tithes and offering (Malachi 3 verses 8, 10), nations during the millennial age will be required to give tribute and presents to Jesus Christ as token of appreciation.  Nations that refuses to do so will be punished. (Read Zechariah 14 verse 16 – 21, Psalm 68 verse 29, Psalm 72 verse 9 – 11, Isaiah 18 verse 7)

Also Malachi 1 verse 11 shows that the name of the Lord will be magnified among all the nations and they will serve Him during this time.  Jesus Christ will bask in the praises and rejoicing of the entire earth.  (Psalm 96 verse 10 – 13). Click here to view topical index


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Jesus Christ Will Exercise World Wide Dominance

In Psalm 72 verse 8, Christ’s rule will cover the entire planet earth. There has never been any human kingdom or government that has ever achieved this type of dominance. Even past world empires such as Babylon, Egypt and Rome only ruled over parts of the earth that were known to them. However Christ’s Millennial reign will encompass everywhere including all the remote places of the earth whether on land, in the air, on sea and even thousands of feet deep into the sea where mankind has never explored. Click here to view topical index