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"And men shall dwell in it, and there shall be no more utter destruction; but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited" Zechariah 14 verse 11


PART 4: The City of Jerusalem And The Jews During The Millennial Age.


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1.The Jews Will Be A Light To The World.

2.The Jews Will Be Saved And Established.

3.Jerusalem Will Be The Eternal Capital Of The World.

4.Jerusalem Shall Be Eternally Blessed.

5.Peace And Consolation Of Jerusalem.

6.Jesus Will Build His Millennial Temple.







The Jews Will Be A Light To The World

In Isaiah 49 verse 6, the Jewish nation shall assume the role which God assigned them to do. That is to be a light to the gentiles of the world. During the last couple of thousands years, the Jewish nation (or nation of Israel) carried out this task in a limited way. Despite the fact that Israel was instrumental in the giving of the ten commandments, writing of the 66 books of the Bible and birthing Jesus Christ (the saviour of mankind), Israel however backslided from the Lord. And Israel has remained in this backslidden state up till now. However, just as the millennial age is about to commence, the nation of Israel will be restored back to God.  This nation will then carry out this task in the full capacity God ordained her to do (read Romans 11 verse 25 – 26). Click here to view topical index.


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The Jews Will Be Saved And Established.

In Romans 11 verses 25, 26 (Read also Romans 11 verses 1 – 26), the Jews or the nation of Israel will be saved.  They are saved from unbelief towards Jesus Christ which has characterised their existence since their leaders choose to crucify Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago (Read Matthew 27 verse 25, Acts 2 verse 23, 2 verse 36, 4 verse 10). In Ezekiel 11 verses 16 - 19, this unbelief towards Jesus Christ cost them their place as a nation and made them become like a dry bone and outcast in all nations of the world (Ezekiel 37 verses 11 – 14, Jeremiah 32 verses 37 - 41). Their unbelief resulted in the Jews being dispersed among nations of the earth at about AD70. As a result, they have suffered persecution, famine and destitution among all the nations they were forced into (Ezekiel 36 verse 30).

 However since around 1948, God is beginning to re-gather them back to their land in Palestine. As promised, the Jewish nation’s restoration which commenced at this time will be culminated during the millennial age (Ezekiel 36 verses 24 - 28). God will forgive and cleanse the Jews from their sins of rejecting their messiah Jesus Christ. (Ezekiel 39 verses 28 & 29).

 Zechariah 12 verses 10 – 14 says that the Jews will become remorseful over their part in crucifying and killing the Lord Jesus Christ at His first advent on earth. They would repent and be forgiven by God (Isaiah 30 verse 26). The Jews will be seen as the people of God who would never again be forsaken (Isaiah 62 verse 12; Zechariah 8 verse 23; Isaiah 59 verse 20). The nation of Israel or any part of it which includes Jerusalem will never have to be dominated by gentile nations such as the Romans, Crusaders, the Arabs who ruled the nation in the past centuries (Joel 3 verse 17, Nahum 1 verse 15). All aggressions and violence against the Jews in the Middle East will also cease (Joel 3 verse 19)

In II Samuel 7 verse 10, at this time, the children of Israel will be eternally established in

their own land and will not have to fear the possibility of dispersion among the nations as had characterised their history (Read also Joshua 14 verse 9, Joel 3 verse 20, Amos 9 verse 15, Ezekiel 38 verse 8)

All Jews or Israelites that are still dispersed around the world at the start of the millennial age will be gathered back to their land (Isaiah 11 verses 10 – 16, Isaiah 66 verse 20, Hosea 3 verses 4 – 5, Matthew 24 verse 31, Zechariah 8 verses  3 - 8).

Once the Jews are established in their land, they will be blessed with abundance and will never have to suffer the destitution they went through over the last 2,000 years while dispersed among the nations of the earth. (Ezekiel 36 verses 29 & 30, Amos 9 verse 13). All the desert places within Israel will be transformed into areas filled with vegetation. Already this promised is being fulfilled as areas that were once seen as desert from space, have been transformed because the present days Jews have been planting trees for the last couple of decades. However during the millennial age, there will not be any desert area within the state of Israel. (Read Ezekiel 36 verses 33 - 36, Amos 9 verse 14). Click here to view topical index.


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Jerusalem Will Be The Eternal Capital Of The World

 In Isaiah 2 verses 2 - 4 the Lord's place of abode during His Millennial reign will be located on a high mountain. And nations all over the earth will flock to this place from time to time. Jerusalem will be the eternal capital city of the world during this time (Zechariah 14 verses 9, 10). It is from Jerusalem that laws and justice will be administered to the entire world. This will help to prevent inhabitants of the earth at that time from engaging one another in war.

In Zechariah 2 verses 10 - 13, Jesus Christ will establish His millennial reign from within the midst of the nation of Israel. Jesus Christ will reign from the city of Jerusalem. During ancient times or bible days, the city of Jerusalem was located within the tribe of Judah. All other nations shall be joined unto the Lord as He reigns from Jerusalem. Click here to view topical index.


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Jerusalem Shall Be Eternally Blessed

From Isaiah 60 verses 14 – 20, all nations who have previously despised the Zion of the Lord (or the Jews) will respect her. Jerusalem, which does not presently have as much resources as other nations of the world, would benefit from the resources of these nations. This is because Jerusalem will be the eternal capital of the world at that time. All violence against the Jews which has characterised the Middle East will cease (Zechariah 14 verse 11). Click here to view topical index.


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Peace And Consolation Of Jerusalem

In Isaiah 66 verses 10 - 14, Jerusalem will enjoy unprecedented peace this time around. Such peace will be felt by all other gentile nations around Jerusalem. The Bible says

 "That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory"  

This peace is necessary because this city had been the centre of one conflict or another for centuries since her creation.

Also the Jews or the nation of Israel will be exalted, praised and highly respected at this time. All antagonism, persecutions and anti-Semitism against her will cease (Zephaniah 3 verse 20). Click here to view topical index.


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Jesus Will Build His Millennial Temple

In Zechariah 6 verses 12 – 13, Jesus Christ will establish a temple in Jerusalem where people from all over the world will come to worship and pay Him homage. He will administer peace to everyone.  One of the messianic passages of the Bible which describes this millennial era is found in Ezekiel 40 verses 5 – 43 verse 12. This passage gives the dimension of the Millennial temple. This passage also talks about animal sacrifices. However because the Bible did not explain the purpose of this, it is not clear what the animal sacrifices signifies. Only the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will be able to provide explanation of this sacrifice during the millennial age.

In Ezekiel 47 verses 1 – 12, the river of life will flow from this temple. It will be a river that heals and it will sustain the growth of trees which are medicinal for the inhabitants of the earth at that time.

The general consensus among most Bible scholars, who teaches about the millennial era, is that the above passages in the book of Ezekiel refers to a millennial temple. Also the fact that Ezekiel 43 verse 7 says that God Himself will rule “…forever….” let us understand that these passages are prophecies concerning the millennial age. This passage aligns with other similar prophecies revealed in Revelation 21 ve