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"...God of Heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people,..." Daniel 2 verse 44


PART1: The Millennial Age On Earth


Click the links below to explore Part 1 of 7 of the Millennial Reign of Christ.


1.What Is This Millennial Reign?

2.Millennial Reign Is “….The World To Come.…”

3.The Millennial Reign Is The “Kingdom Of Heaven” On Earth

4.When Will The Millennial Reign Commence?

5.Millennial Age Will Be Established At A Time Of Technological Advancement 

6.The Millennial Reign Will Be Established After The Horrors Of A 7 Years Great Tribulation And Battle Of Armageddon.

7.Christ’s Kingdom Will Be Everlasting And Will Be Violently Established On Earth

8.The Descendants Of The “Sheep Nations” From The Judgement Of The Nations Will Populate The Millennial Age

9.All Little Children Will Inherit The Millennial Kingdom






What Is This Millennial Reign?

The Millennial reign of Christ is the age during which God's purpose (also described as God’s will in Matthew 6 verse 10; Luke 11 verse 2) will be fulfilled on earth. During this time Jesus Christ, faithful angels and redeemed human brings will reign in God's kingdom on earth starting with this 1,000 years and subsequently for all eternity. This period will result in the actualisation of God’s will which albeit was originally short circuited by the fall of Adam.

Notwithstanding, this fall did not disannulled God's will, but only postponed it until the restitution of all things mentioned in Acts 3 verse 21.

 In I Corinthians 15 verse 24, the millennial Kingdom will mark a new beginning in the governance of the world. It will put an end to approximately 6,000 years of man’s rule (or self governance) on earth. This passage is corroborated by the account given in the book of Daniel 2 verses 31 – 41. This passage described Mankind’s rule which was characterised by a tall metallic image. The book of Daniel shows that the different metals on this image symbolises Babylon (Daniel 7 verse 4; 2 verses 36 - 38), Medo-Persia (Daniel 7 verse 5; 2 verse 39a), Greece (Daniel  7 verse 6; 2 verse 39b) and Rome (Daniel 7 verse 7; 2 verse 40) which respectively took their turns of world dominance from approximately 700 BC – 230 AD. Even though the Roman empire under the Caesars fell around 230 AD, her influence continued through the two millennia afterwards.  During the subsequent millennia and half (which included a period called “the dark ages”), the Roman Catholic Church filled the vacuum created by the fall of the Roman Empire. Following on from this, western civilisation which was based on the culture of the Roman Empire (and also Roman Catholic Church) began to influence and colonise other nations of the world.  And finally in the 21st century, nations within Europe began the process of unification in order to revive the Roman empire.

According to Daniel  2 verses 34 – 35, 44, 45, all these four kingdoms (or world empires) will be eliminated by the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. This kingdom of God, symbolised by "…stone was cut out without hand…." is the same as the Millennial reign of Christ on earth. Click here to view topical index


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Millennial Reign Is “….The World To Come.…”

According to Ephesians 1 verse 21, Mark 10 verse 30, the Millennial age is a world which will be different from the present world. These passages are yet another proof that the Bible clearly differentiate between the present world and the world to come. The present world is where people that are presently alive or have died once lived. This is the time when a human being first exist on earth through birth to the point of that person’s death. The “…world to come…” is the period when that same individual is resurrected back to life.  For those human being who accepted Jesus Christ during their first existence on earth, they are resurrected with heavenly bodies which allows them to exist for a second time on earth in order to rule and reign with Jesus Christ. For those human being who did not accept Jesus Christ during their first existence on earth, they are also resurrected with a body which allows them to suffer indescribable torments in an everlasting fire called lake of fire. The present world for each individual person is limited to that person’s life span, but the world to come is eternal and forever.  And so both type of existence post-resurrection is what the Bible describes as the “…the world to come….”  (Daniel 12 verse 2). Click here to view topical index


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The Millennial Reign Is The “Kingdom Of Heaven” On Earth

In Matthew 4 verse 17; 19 verse 24, this is the kingdom of heaven which Jesus Christ mentioned at His first advent. It contrasts with any previous earthly kingdom because it has all the characteristics of life in Heaven.  It is the fulfilment of God’s will on earth (Matthew 6 verse 10; Luke 11 verse 2). God’s will for the earth will be realised during this time when there will be absolute peace, joy, happiness and holiness. Click here to view topical index


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When Will The Millennial Reign Commence?

Just as the date of the Rapture of the Christian church from earth is uncertain (Matthew 24 verse 36), so is the commencement of the Millennial reign of Christ (read Acts 1 verse 6, 7). This is because the commencement of the Kingdom of Christ on earth hinges on the date of the rapture which will be the start of events leading to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Millennial age could happen during the present generation or after. In other words, it could start in the next 10 years (i.e if the rapture takes place today), next 50 or 100 years and etc. Nobody knows the time. However Jesus Christ gave numerous signs which will herald the commencement of this age. And it is the current generation of human beings that is witnessing majority of these signs now. All the signs surrounding Christ’s imminent return have all happened with the exception of five events namely; Rapture of the Christian Church, 7 yrs Great Tribulation, the great war of the Battle of Armageddon on Earth, judgement of the nations and Resurrection of the Great Tribulation Saints.

 During the first advent of Jesus Christ on earth two thousands years ago, the people of that generation failed to spot the prophesied signs surrounding Christ’s first advent on Earth and Christ rebuked them for this (Read Matthew 16 verses 1 – 5). In order for the current generation not to make this same mistake, Christ has given plenty of signs that will signal the beginning of the Millennial age. God made it clear that the generation of human beings who will start witnessing signs mentioned in Matthew chapter 24, Luke chapter 21 will experience all the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Please click here to view the signs

 Jesus Christ specifically said in Matthew 24 verse 34; Mark 13 verse 30; Luke 21 verse 32 that the generation of human beings witnessing these signs will not pass away till everything prophesied (including the Millennial age) becomes fulfilled.

In II Timothy 4 verse 1, two events will immediately precede the millennial age. They are “judgement of sinful nations  which Jesus Christ judges and send into perdition of an eternity of suffering in the lake of fire (refer to Matthew 25 verses 31 – 46). And the second event is the resurrection of the Saints who were killed during a 7 year Great Tribulation on earth (refer to Revelation 20 verses 4 – 6, Revelation 7 verse 14). Click here to view topical index


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Millennial Age Will Be Established At A Time Of Technological Advancement  

 In the book of Daniel 12 verse 4, the millennial reign of Christ will be established during a modern (or technologically advanced) world (or JET age). This passage of the Bible mentions three things that will characterise the period of the millennial age.

Firstly “…time to the end”.  This is a common phrase in the bible used to depict an era (of the current dispensation of mankind) when the last generations of human being will exists on earth (NOTE:. This current dispensation started 6000 years ago with Adam and Eve and will end with the millennial age. The next dispensation commences s after the millennial age or after the earth would have been renewed by fire).

Secondly “…run to and fro”. This is talking about increase in travel and all the accompanying technologies that facilitates it. For example the book of Nahum 2 verses 3 – 4 perfectly predicts the invention of automobile with headlights and the ability to race through streets at lightning speeds that can result in accidents.  At the time of this prophecy, the world’s mode of transportation was simply through the use of horse back or chariots driven by horses. This type of transportation is not the same as that described in the above passages.

Thirdly “…knowledge shall be increase”.  This is talking about advancement whether technologically, science, medicine and any other progress man has made. Note that all these progress only started happening within the last few hundreds of years. Most of Man’s remarkable achievement has only just recently happened in the 20th century. And so the question you might ask is why is it that technological advancement in travel , medicine, electronics, space travel, nuclear weapon etc  took  place within a relatively short time of 100 years,  yet Man had lived thousands of years on earth prior to this period without such level of progress? The simple answer is found in Daniel 12 verse 4. These advancements were designed by God to herald the period of the millennial age. In summary, the millennial age will be a period of unbelievable further advancement technologically, science or otherwise. At that time, human beings will not be limited by those things which presently hinders Man’s full potential and productivity. Click here to view topical index


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The Millennial Reign Will Be Established After The Horrors Of A 7 Years Great Tribulation And Battle Of Armaggeddon

In Matthew 24 verses 29 & 30; Isaiah 18 verse 7, this period will commence after the persecution of the Jewish nation during a seven year Great tribulation on earth. The Jews will emerge victorious after the harshness of the antichrist against them. This persecution also known as the abomination of desolation will result in the Jews being hunted down, killed and displaced from Jerusalem by the antichrist (Matthew 24 verses 15 – 21, Mark 13 verses 14 – 20). The “…times of the gentiles…” described in Luke 21 verse 24 will end after the defeat of antichrist at the hands of Jesus Christ during a battle called Armageddon.  At this time everybody on the face of the earth will see Jesus Christ in the clouds, but instead of rejoicing and accepting Jesus, people will mourn and cry because of their treatment of Jesus Christ, His laws and His followers for over 2,000 years. And they would therefore attempt to fight Jesus Christ and His heavenly followers. Read  Matthew 24 verse 30, Revelation 1 verse 7. But this is no contest. Not only will Jesus Christ destroy a lot of people who attempts to attack Him, but He will then separate the remaining rebellious people that were not destroyed from those who choose not to attack Jesus Christ and His Heavenly followers. These remaining rebellious people would then be thrown alive into the lake of fire. Read Matthew 25 verses 31 – 46. Click here to view topical index


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Christ’s Kingdom Will Be Everlasting And Will Be Violently Established On Earth

At the second coming, Jesus Christ leads an entourage of Heavenly beings to possess the millennial kingdom (I Corinthians 15 verse 23). In Daniel 2 verses 44 & 45, 7 verses 13 & 14, Psalm 146 verse 10 the millennial kingdom will be everlasting. Unlike current human kingdoms or system of government which terminates after a period of time, Christ kingdom will not end. The millennial kingdom will be violently established on earth during a battle known as “Armageddon”. This is because the last human government of the anti-Christ will attempt to prevent Jesus Christ and His saints from taken over the world. Jesus Christ will therefore destroy and spill the blood of millions of  soldiers who would resist Him during this battle (Read Revelation 17 verses 12 - 14, Revelation 19 verses 11 – 21, II Thessalonians 1 verses 7 – 10, Psalm 2 verses 1 – 12, Isaiah 26 verse 21, Jude 1 verses 14,15). This kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth will obliterate every vestige and remembrance of elements of all human governments that have ever operated on planet Earth (Daniel 2 verses 34,35,36,44,45, Haggai 2 verse 22).

At this time, Jesus Christ will hand over the kingdom of this world (or the affairs and governance of the earth for the past 6000 years) back to God the father and it will be officially changed to the kingdom of heaven (I Corinthians 15 verse 24 – 28). Until this time, Satan and His demons have been controlling the kingdom of the world. While God is in charge of the earth and what currently goes on in this present world, this is however  not the kingdom of heaven that Jesus Christ mentioned several times while He was alive 2,000 years ago (John 18 verse 36). The current kingdom of this world is presently influenced by Satan and His demonic powers. (Read Ephesians 2 verse 2).  Apart from born again believers in Christ who obeys and stands on the promises of God in the Bible, every other human being on earth is influenced and subject to the present kingdom of this world which is controlled by the invisible powers of darkness. The lord’s prayer will become a reality during this time (Matthew 6 verse 10). Click here to view topical index


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The Descendants Of The “Sheep Nations” From The Judgement Of The Nations Will Populate The Millennial Age

Shortly after the period of the Great Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus Christ will gather all nations before Him. All people from the “Goat Nations” which persecuted God’s people during the period of the Great Tribulation will be eliminated from earth and thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.  But people from the “Sheep Nations” who took care of God’s people during the period of the Great Tribulation will be allowed into the millennial age. It is the descendant of these people from the “Sheep Nations” who will then populate the earth during the millennial reign of Christ. Read Matthew 25 verse 31 – 46. As a result,  human population which would have been seriously decimated by the event of the Great Tribulation and Judgement of the Nations will once again increase and explode under the direction of Jesus Christ. Click here to view topical index


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All Little Children Will Inherit The Millennial Kingdom

According to Matthew 18 verses 1 - 6, Jesus Christ described two groups of people that will definitely inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus used the phrase “…little children…” to describe both groups.

 The first group consists of all little children that have ever lived on earth. This passage of the Bible shows beyond every reasonable doubt that all little children will automatically inherit the kingdom of God. This contrast with other matured children or grown up adult who would be required to accept Jesus Christ before they can enter into the kingdom of God. According to II Samuel 12 verse 23, David the King said about his dead baby child that “…I shall go to him…” What David is implying from this passage is that all babies or little children who dies on earth go to another place of existence. David believes that after he dies, he will go to where his dead son went. And David was one of the people during Bible days which believes that after their life on earth, they would go to the presence of God. In summary, the above passage suggests that all dead babies and little children goes back to God in heaven.

 The question is, what is the definition of a little child? A little child is a person that is not up to the age of accountability (or the age of knowing what is good or bad). It is difficult to say what the limit of this age is. However a lot of people agrees it is mostly anything before 6 years. All children who died before this age of accountability for the past 6,000 years of Man’s existence on earth will participate in the millennial kingdom. Whenever children such as this dies, their spirit and soul goes back to God their creator because they left the world during their age of innocence. The above passages also confirms the truth that no such children can end up in Hell fire after their death on earth. The finished work of Christ 2,000 years  ago automatically saves this category of children from the damnation of Hell fire.

The second group consists of other more matured children and all adults who will accept Jesus Christ during their lifetime on earth. Just as innocent children depends completely on