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"For, behold, I create new heavens......: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind" Isaiah 65 verse 17

PART1: Different Types Of Heavens


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1.Three Types Of Heavens

2.The First Heavens Will Pass Away

3.The Third Heaven: The Home Of God (Part 1)













Three Types Of Heavens

The first Heaven is the immediate atmosphere just above the earth. According to science, this atmosphere is divided into a lower layer known astroposphere (this include lower clouds and extend up to 17km above the earth), a middle layer known as Stratosphere (this include higher clouds and where weather are formed and is between 20 Ė 50 km above the earth), and three upper layers known as Mesophere (between 50 Ė 120 km above the earth), Thermosphere (between 120 km Ė 600km above the earth) and Exosphere which is where space outside the earth begins.

The secondHeaven is the regions within space outside planet earth where heavenly bodies exists. This heavenly bodies includes the Solar system and Galaxies.

The third is the heaven which is the home of God. Click here to view topical index



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The First Heavens Will Pass Away

The first heaven will pass away just as the current earth is being burnt up (ReadRevelation 20 verse 11, Revelation 21 verse 1, II Peter 3 verse 10). The heaven that will pass away in this passage of the Bible is not the third Heaven where God dwells (God doesnít change in Hebrews 13 verse 8). Rather, this is the same as the atmospheric cloud which John (a disciple of Jesus Christ) saw in a vision departing like a scroll when it rolled together (Read Revelation 6 verse 14).

The first heaven and earth passes away because Manís sins and action for 6,000 years is short of Godís purpose for creating the heavens and earth in the beginning of time.For example, after Adam and Eve sinned, curses were released onto the earth (Gen 3 verse 17). These curses affected the fruitfulness of the earth (i.eafter the curses, Man had to work hard to receive increase of the earth. This should have automatically yielded increase if sin had not being committed in the first place). Also some changes must have occurred in the atmosphere around the earth which is now probably responsible for reduction of Manís life span from about 1,000 years old to just under 120 years (Read Genesis chapter 5 and Genesis 6 verse 3). Also changes in the atmosphere are currently being blamed for increase in the ozone layer, Greenhouse effect and rapid melting of Antarctica ice.

The above examples shows a necessity for the current earth and heaven to pass away. Click here to view topical index


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The Third Heaven: The Home Of God (Part 1)

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