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"...And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,..." Revelation 20 verses 1 - 3


PART 7: Satanic And Demonic Influences Eliminated During The Millennial Age



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1.Satanic And Demonic Influences Eliminated During The Millennial Age

2.Rebellion Of Some Nations During The Millennial Age

3.Satan And His Demons “Temporarily” Loosed At The End Of The Millennial Reign








Satanic And Demonic Influences Eliminated During The Millennial Age

According to Revelation 20 verse 7, Satan and his demons will be loosed for a short period of time towards the end of the 1000 years. They “shall be loosed..” because prior to this time, they have been bound and kept in the bottomless pit since the beginning of the millennial age. The reason why they are bound and sealed in the bottomless pit is to stop them from deceiving, tempting, causing evil, sicknesses and etc on the earth (Revelation 20 verse 3). For the past 6000 years since the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan and his demons have been responsible for all above evil on the face of the earth.  In order to curtail these evil, Jesus Christ will ensure Satan and his demons are not free to roam about on earth during the Millennial age. And this is one of the reasons why the millennial reign of Christ will be a period of peace.  However, Jesus Christ will allow these evil spirits to once again roam about on earth at the end of the millennium. Click here to view topical index


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Rebellion Of Some Nations During The Millennial Age

 The reason for this is explained as follow.

God is a God of justice, truth and fairness.  After Adam and Eve yielded to the temptation of Satan in the garden of Eden, in the following 6,000 years  after this fall of Man, God allowed each human being (a free moral agent) to choose between good (or obeying God) and evil (or obeying the devil). Based on Man’s choice while on earth, he or she is either rewarded with eternal life (i.e for obeying God) or eternally damned (i.e for choosing the devil).  After approximately 6,000 years of Man’s existence on earth and during the 1,000 years reign of Jesus Christ, there will be no presence of the devil and his demons. Jesus Christ will rule the world with a rod of iron (Psalm 2 verse 9, Revelation 2 verse 27, 12 verses 5, 19 verse 15). The fact that Jesus Christ will rule the world at this time with a rod of iron shows that human beings of the Millennial age generation will not just be robots programmed to obey God, but they can still sin if they choose to. However unlike the previous 6,000 years to the start of the millennial age (i.e from Adam and Eve and including you and me of the PRESENT generation of human beings), they will be unable to openly flout the laws of God. The “rod of iron” is an indication of intoleration of any sin whatsoever. Jesus Christ will ensure any attempt at sin is dealt with immediately and the culprit or culprits dies young at the age of 100 years compared to majority of human beings of that time who will live much longer (Read Isaiah 65 verse 20, Psalm 37 verses 9 & 10,22). The same salvation message that is being presently preached to human beings will still be preached during the millennial reign. Even though Jesus Christ will be physically present for everyone to see and enjoy at that time, many will still harbour resentment and hatred towards Jesus Christ and His saints (Sin is always present in the heart of man that is unregenerated whether Satan is present or not).  The Bible clearly stated that during the Millennial age, some nations will disagree with Christ and will therefore choose not to go to Jerusalem to worship Jesus Christ from year to year (read Zechariah 14 verses 16 – 21, Isaiah 60 verse 12). Click here to view topical index


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Satan And His Demons “Temporarily” Loosed At The End Of The Millennial Reign

In order to prove the sins in the heart of this set of human beings,  God will allow Satan and his demons to once again roam about the earth at the end of the millennial. Unfortunately, majority of these people will then demonstrate the sin that had being in their heart with the help of Satan and his demons.  All of them will attempt to fight against Jesus Christ (who has sustained them with prosperity, fruitfulness, health and riches during the 1000 years of peace) and His saints at Jerusalem. These human beings will all be destroyed by fire from God. (Read Revelation 20 verses 7 – 9).

The above event will vindicate God’s justice that even if allowed to thrive or exist in the best of condition and or a state of well being, unless a human being is regenerated from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, that human being will never appreciate or acknowledge the love of God which is only demonstrated through Jesus Christ. Click here to view topical index


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