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"The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy moutain, saith the Lord" Isaiah 65 verse 25


PART 6: World Nature And System Will Change During The Millennial Age.



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1.There Will Be No Sickness.

2.Knowledge Of The Lord Will Be All Over The Earth.

3.Justice And Laws In The Earth.

4.Most Curses Will Be Lifted.

5.Absence Of War And All Manners Of Military Conflict.

6.Longevity And Death.

7.Productivity And Prosperity.

8.Abundance Of Food All Over The World.

9.Nature And People Will Be Transformed.

10.                Deserts/Wilderness Turns Into Forest







There Will Be No Sickness.

In Isaiah 33 verse 24, the millennial age will be characterised by lack of sickness. Sickness originates from Satan and not God. The devil uses it as a tool to reduce the productivity of Human beings on earth. When God originally created human beings, he did not allow for any degradation to the human body usually brought about by sicknesses. In fact God created the human body to fight off germs and other agents that causes sicknesses. God also created plant, fruits and vegetations which if consumed regularly will provide the body vitamins and nourishments to ward off sickness. He also put in place an ecology which is designed to keep all living things in a perfect and continuously healthy state.

Sickness was only later introduced into the midst of humanity after Satan made Adam and Eve to fall into sin. The effect of sin reduced the above mechanism God put in place to ward off sickness. During the millennial age, the source of sicknesses namely Satan and his demons would be bound in a bottomless pit for 1,000 years. At the start of this period, Jesus Christ will change the ecology of the world and allow an atmosphere on earth which will prevent sickness oppressing people of that era. Click here to view topical index


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Knowledge Of The Lord All Over The Earth.

The Bible said in Jeremiah 31 verse 34, Hebrew 8 verses 8 - 11, Habakkuk 2 verse 14, that the period of the millennial age will be characterised by the knowledge of the Lord all over the world. This knowledge will not be limited to only few Christians or Jews as it is at the present moment. Rather everybody on earth will know and hear about Jesus Christ.

During this time, the name of the Lord will be praised forever and ever. In Zechariah 8 verses 20 - 23, nations across the earth will seek the Lord in prayer. This contrasts with the present time when majority of humanity is arrogant and will not seek God to help them.

Unlike present and past dispensation when the gospel is forbidden in some nations, during the Millennial age, every nation will only be allowed to accept the knowledge of Jesus Christ and nothing else. The current spiritual blindness and deafness which hinders people from embracing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will be removed. Isaiah 29 verse 18. Click here to view topical index


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Justice And Laws In The Earth.

At this time, the entire governance of the earth will be under Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9 verse 6). This governance is the same as the kingdom of God which is mentioned several times in the Bible. The Lord will be the judge and the law giver on the face of the earth. The justice system on the earth will be based on the word of God found in the Bible. Just as most common laws found in western societies have their foundation in the Bible, so will the justice system that will be instituted during the Millennial age. Isaiah 33 verse 22.

In Isaiah 42 verses 1 - 4, Jesus Christ will enact judgements and laws among all nations at this time.This is the same as the law of God, which man has however flouted until now. There will be no toleration of sin or perversion as these judgements (or Laws of Godís word) will be served unto all nations compulsorily. This law will penetrate every nook and cranny of the earth. Jesus Christ will never be discouraged nor fail in ensuring that people of the millennial age are forced to accept his judgement and laws. Unlike the present time when tolerance of any behaviour (i.e sexual perversions etc) is based on itís acceptability to a particular society (i.e through referendums, majority votes or popular choice), Jesus Christ will not seek the opinion of any human being of this era to institute His judgement which are truth. Jesus Christ will rule with a rod of iron in order to execute His judgement on earth at this time (Read Psalm 2 verse 9 and the entire Psalm 2 verse 1-12). Click here to view topical index



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Most Curses Will Be Lifted.

According to Isaiah 11 verses 6,7,8,9, Isaiah 65 verse 24, wild animals would have their aggressive nature withdrawn from them. As a result human beings (especially children) will be able to relate and play with these animals without getting hurt.Also, animals will be unable to feed on other animals, but all will become vegetarians. While most curses on other animals will be lifted, the curse on the serpents will stay and they will continue to move on their bellies and eat dust throughout the Millennial age

The reason why curses on the animal kingdom will be lifted is because there will be the

consciousness and the presence of God which will pervade nature at this time in history. This will be unlike the present time when Man governs the earth. Click here to view topical index


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Absence Of War And All Manners Of Military Conflict.

This period will be at a time of unparallel peace and joy on earth. Read Isaiah 14 verse 7. Jesus Christ will ensure that wars and battles ceases from the earth. Nations on the face of the earth will divest their budget from military engagements to more productive ventures. Presently, countries all over the world spends staggering amount of their national wealth on defence. This can run into billions or trillions of dollars which are enough to feed starving nations of third world countries.During this time, nations will be at peace with one another without fear of invasion from one another. (Isaiah 2 verse 4, Micah 4 verse 3, Psalm 46 verses 9 Ė 11). Click here to view topical index


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Longevity And Death.

Notwithstanding that death will continue into the millennium, human beings of this era will to enjoy longevity (Isaiah 65 verse 20). While most of the curses on nature would have been removed due to the absence of Satan and his fallen angels (Revelation 20 verses 2,3), the curse of death will still persist because sin will still be in the heart of humans even during this period of utopia. The fact that the phrase "fulfil days" is used in Isaiah 65 verse 20 shows that even though people will live long, however this might end in death especially for the sinners during this era. There will be no Infant death, but all children will live up to past 100 years. Just as trees can live or exists for a long time, so will human beings of this time exists for hundreds years or even the entire one thousand years (Isaiah 65 verse 22). Click here to view topical index


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Productivity And Prosperity.

In addition to longevity, human beings will experience productivity which Man has never achieved since the creation of Adam and Eve (Isaiah 65 verses 21 - 24). It is interesting that the technological advancement of Man in the last 150 years has over hundreds of times eclipsed any achievement or advancement experienced by man thousands of years prior. However when Jesus Christ establishes His reign, man will experience unbelievable productivity beyond comprehension. This will happen because things that stifles Man's creativity will be removed. These things results from the stress of not being able to experience any of the three areas below

1) There will not be homelessness or the stress of harassment from Landlords to pay for rent. Everybody would easily acquire their accommodations.

2) Every human endeavour during this time will result in success. This will remove the stress of possibility of failure which usually demotivates individuals from embarking on different undertakens. Everybody will enjoy and be enthusiastic about their chosen field of endeavour.

3) Prayers will be speedily answered. Click here to view topical index


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Abundance Of Food All Over The World.

In Isaiah 30 verse 23, there will be abundance of harvest and food for both man and animals during this time, (Zechariah 8 verse 12). It will be a time of eating, merrying and ruling along with the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 22 verse 18, 30, Matthew 26 verse 29). Click here to view topical index


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Nature And People Will Be Transformed.

In Isaiah 35 verses 1-10, nature will be transformed during this time. All Deserts will bring forth water

Also all disabilities will be removed from the earth. There will be no blindness, deafness, dumbness or lameness. During this time, fruits will grow in abundance and will not be perishable (Isaiah 4 verse 2-6). Click here to view topical index


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Deserts/Wilderness Turns Into Forest

In Isaiah 32 verses 15 Ė 20, deserts will cease to exist as they will all be turned into forest-like regions with trees and all kinds of plantations.The dry and patch places of Jerusalem (also known as Zion) will be transformed into fruitful region during this time (Isaiah 51 verse 3).