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" The grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared unto all men" Titus 2:11 (KJV) 



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Why the need for Salvation through Jesus Christ?

Salvation from sin is the most important issue mankind has to address. Every human being need to understand that the entire human race is under damnation of Sin and death. This death is not just the physical one which everybody at a point in time will experience, but rather the eternal suffering in the Lake of Fire.

Mankind came under the guilt and condemnation of sin after the fall of the first set of humans, Adam and Eve. You might ask, how did Adam and Eve plunge mankind into sin? The simple answer is sin originated from Satan Lucifer. And Satan Lucifer is a malevolent spirit created by God.

In the dateless past preceding Man’s creation, God created Lucifer (now Satan ) as a holy and beautiful angel. The books of Isaiah 14 verses 12 – 15, Ezekiel 28 verses 12 - 19 both describes the career and downfall of Lucifer (or the angelic King of Tyre). Lucifer was the leader of all the millions of Angels created by God. Because of the beauty and power God endowed upon him, he became proud and led an insurrection against God in heaven. One third of the hundreds of millions of angels joined in this rebellion. God declared judgement on all of them, threw them out of heaven (God’s abode) into the heavenlies (or Space outside the earth) from where they will be cast into the earth during the awful seven years Great Tribulation period on earth in Revelation 12 verses 3 & 4. Bear in mind that before the fall, Lucifer and the angels of God had access to the earth (which had being in existence before the account of creation in Genesis) as revealed in Ezekiel 28 verse 13. They instantly lost their beauties and holiness. Lucifer changed to Satan  and all the fallen angels became demonic beings. Following the fall of Satan Lucifer, God created a place inside the earth called Hell-fire. A place where these fallen beings are to be punished after a period of time Mathew 25 verse 41. The Earth also became disorganised and uninhabitable in Genesis 1 verse 2.

After the above incidents, God reconstructed His works which culminated in the creation of new set of beings, Humans (Genesis 1 verses 3 – 31 & Chapter 2 verses 1 – 25). Unfortunately because Satan Lucifer and his angels still had access to the earth from the heavenlies (also described as the air in Ephesians 2 verse 2), they infiltrated human beings with sin using the serpent (Genesis 3 verses 1 – 6). Hoping that these new Humans and their descendants will face a similar fate of suffering in Hell-Fire. God was saddened by this event and decided to help man with a way of escape. Click here to go to the top











Provisions for Salvation through Jesus Christ

God cursed Satan Lucifer and revealed His plan of salvation for Man in Genesis 3 verse 15. From this time onward, Satan Lucifer knew that someone will be born of a woman that will redeem mankind by bruising Satan Lucifer’s head. Because Satan Lucifer had no idea how this redemption will be implemented, he immediately launched the offensive by sowing debaucheries, wickedness and evil among human beings. Some of his angels (also described as “Sons of God”. A title sometimes reserved for angelic beings) also went as far as taking on the form of male human beings in order to have sexual relationship with women descendants of Adam and Eve. And this resulted in the births of giants and humans with unusual physical features (Genesis 6 verses 1 – 5; Numbers 13 verses 22; II Samuel 21 verse 20 & 1 Chronicles 20 verse 6). Their goal was to foil attempts to birth any clean human being that will save the world. This went on until God decided to destroy the world with flood in Genesis 6 verse 7, approximately two thousand years after the creation of Adam and Eve. After the flood, Satan Lucifer moved against the descendants of the only clean human race (Noah and his family) left on the earth to corrupt them with idolatry.

God choose a man out of this idolatry to implement the redemption of Humans. Abraham birthed the nation of Israel. A nation, which was to teach the entire world about God and His laws and bring about the birth of that human being, who will save mankind. Once again, Satan Lucifer moved against this nation, tempting them into sin and slavery for over a thousand and five hundred years. Eventually, this backslidden nation birthed the savior of the world two thousand years ago. Satan Lucifer was taken aback with surprise at who this person is. This human being was the second person in the trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He created everything through His spoken Word. And He was also responsible for foiling the rebellion of Satan Lucifer and his angels in the dateless past (John 1 verses 1 – 14). Satan Lucifer felt Jesus Christ made a mistake of coming to earth as a human being and sought not only to block Christ’s mission on earth but also to take revenge against his creator.

Satan Lucifer tried to frustrate Christ from fulfilling His mission of saving the world. On several occasions, Satan Lucifer tempted Christ with sins (Matthew 4 verses 1 – 11). All to no avail. Eventually he had Him crucified on the tree. But this was Satan Lucifer’s greatest mistake. His eyes were apparently blinded to old testament scriptures which says that salvation will come to mankind through Christ’s suffering in Isaiah Chapter 53; I Corinthian 2 verse 8 (the phrase “Princes of this word” refers to Satan Lucifer and his demons. Read Ephesians 2 verse 2). Jesus rose from the grave to defeat Satan Lucifer and his desire to destroy the whole of humanity in Hell-fire (John 10 verse 10; I John 3 verse 8). Human beings no longer legally have to suffer for their sins in Hell-Fire (Galatians 3 verse 13). Christ became a sacrifice for humanity’s sin and the only way to God (John 14 verse 6; I Timothy 2 verse 15)

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection provided salvation for Humanity. Click here to go to the top










God’s Free Gift of Salvation for Human Beings

While salvation has been provided through Christ as a free gift, each human being must accept it as an individual person.

Salvation can now only be obtained through faith in Jesus Christ ever since His death and resurrection nearly two thousand years ago. This contrasted with the period before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Before Christ’s resurrection, human beings were saved through their works of goodness and holy lives (Romans 2 verses 6 – 11). During this time, there were two classifications of people on the earth, Jews (or Israel) and non Jews (or Gentiles).

The Jews were saved by observant of God’s law and commandments delivered through Moses, the servant of God. When any Israelite sin, this person will offer an animal sacrifice to God for the remission of such sin in order to obtain pardon from God. This would normally be done regularly whether the person sins consciously or unconsciously. (The animal sacrifice is a foreshadow of the single sacrifice that will be provided by Jesus Christ many hundreds of years later). If this person trust in God and believes the law and the prophets inspite of that individual’s failing (in terms of occasionally mistakenly falling into Sin), he or she goes into a place known as “Abraham’s bosom” or paradise after death. Here the person awaits full redemption which is to be provided by Jesus Christ dying and rising again. (Luke 16 verses 27 – 31). All Israelites (from the giving of the law to the time Jesus died and rose again) are judged according to the law of Moses (Romans 2 verse 12)

For the non Jewish who lived before Christ death and resurrection (including those who knew God before the law, those who never knew about God and His laws and those who never hear about Jesus Christ up to this present time), they are judged without the law of God (Romans 2 verse 12). God said He will judge them righteously. Because these people do not know God or any of His laws, they will be judged according to their conscience (Read Romans 2 verses 12 - 15). In other words, God puts in the hearts of every human being to know the basics of what is good and bad (even without the law being present to act as a guide). For example, an individual will always have a conviction to know that killing a fellow human being is evil. So in the case of the non Jewish, his or her submission to the conviction of the conscience on committing murder will determine whether that person will be saved after death or not. When this set of people who lived properly according to their conscience died, they went into paradise.

Immediately after Jesus died on the cross, His Spirit and Soul went inside the earth where paradise existed (paradise was beside Hell-fire as revealed in Luke 16 verses 22 – 26; Luke 23 verse 43). He first extended God’s free gift of Salvation here by leading the souls of men, women and children out of paradise (Ephesians 4 verses 8 & 9). After opening the gates of paradise, Jesus took the lead by rising from the dead the third day after His death on the cross. All the souls in paradise also follow suite and rose from their graves respectively with new physical immortal bodies and appeared unto some of the Jews living at that time in Palestine (Read Mathew 27 verses 50 – 53). Now before Jesus marched this new army of saints into Heaven, He was stopped by Mary (a normal human being who hasn’t died) and interestingly told her “…I am not yet ascended to my father” (John 20 verses 16 & 17; Mark 16 verse 9). This comment shows that since Christ death, His trips consisted of journey from the surface of the earth (where living human being exists) into inside the earth (where the souls of men are either in Hell or Paradise) and then back to the surface of the earth. In order words, Christ has not yet gone back to Heaven. Christ subsequently marched the resurrected saints into Heaven. (Until this time, no single human being has ever gone to heaven John 3 verse 13; 1 verse 18). God the Father then magnify the name JESUS so that at its mention, salvation will be achieved (Philippians 2 verses 5 – 11). Christ return to the earth and assured His disciples that power has been given to His name and salvation is now readily available in Matthew 28 verse 18 – 20. Click here to go to the top








Obtaining God’s Free Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ

Salvation has now appeared unto all men (Titus 2 verse 11). This gospel of Salvation is now available through different communication means. God will not excuse anybody for rejecting it. You might ask, how can an individual accept this salvation?

Unlike the period preceding Christ’s death and resurrection, salvation from sin must now only be obtained through faith in Jesus Christ and not through good works (Romans 3 verse 20 and the entire Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 verses 2 - 6). Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is now the only way to attain God’s standard of righteousness (Romans 10 verse 2 – 4). Though God demands holiness and good works from every human being in any generation, His terms of obtaining salvation from sin is predicated entirely on accepting Christ free gift of salvation through faith (Romans 3 verses 21 & 22). Faith in this sense implies believing in Jesus Christ.

A good illustration of being saved by faith as against works of the law is found in the case of the thief on the cross and Judas Iscariot. Shortly before his death, the thief asked Jesus Christ to remember him in Paradise. Here was a man who probably have been a thief for most his life. He didn’t have the opportunity to do any good thing to amend for his sinfulness. He was not privileged to go to the Sanctuary and ask God for mercy or to be near Jesus during three and half years of Christ’s ministering. Yet a simple act of belief in Jesus Christ expressed as “…remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom” (Luke 23 verse 42) saved this thief from the horrors of Hell-fire forever. On the other hand, Judas Iscariot someone that was self righteous. Who was privileged to be Christ’s disciple, witnessed Christ’s miracles and even exercised power over unclean spirits failed to put his trust in Christ (John 12 verse 6). He took advantage of his closeness to Christ to make a gain of thirty pieces of silver through selling Christ (Matthew 26 verse 15). Unlike the thief on the cross, Judas Iscariot felt that Jesus Christ do not have any kingdom to offer. And even after his conscience pricked him of this sin, Judas Iscariot failed to believe in Christ’s teaching of the existence of eternal punishment for the unrepentant by taking his own life (even though Christ would have forgiven him as He did to Peter who denied Christ but later repented Matthew 26 verse 34 & 74). Judas died and went to Hell-fire

The book of Romans 10 verses 5 – 14 shows how salvation could be obtain through faith. This salvation is obtained by first believing that Jesus Christ died and resurrected from the dead. One must then vocally or verbally asserts or confess that he believes Jesus died and rose from the dead. As simple as it seems, this is all God requires to obtain salvation from sin. It is unfortunate that while God has made salvation easy to obtain, many people are rejecting it because they will not choose to believe in Christ (Matthew 22 verse 14; Matthew 7 verse 14).  But you do not have to reject it. This is probably not the first time you are hearing about Jesus Christ. Your reading this page is another call of God on you to accept the free gift of God through His son Jesus Christ. If you reject Jesus Christ in this world and die in that state, you will suffer forever in Hellfire and then Lake of Fire.

Once again you do not have to suffer forever if you pray the prayer below and make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Click here to go to the top







Prayer of Salvation from the hold of Sin through Satan Lucifer

“Lord Jesus, thank you for your free gift of salvation through your death and resurrection when you died on the cross. I know that I am a sinner. Your word says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and the wages of these sins is death but the gift of God is eternal life through you Jesus. I am sorry that I committed all these sins. I ask that you please forgive me and wash away my sins through your shed blood on the cross of Calvary. I accept you as my Lord and saviour and commit my life to you from henceforth. Thank you because this simple prayer has brought me salvation from sin because your word says that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be save”. Click here to go to the top.


Halleluyah. Jesus Christ is Lord