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"And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night,...."  Revelation 14 verse 11

Introduction to Lake of Fire

 The Lake of Fire will be the final abode of any of God’s creature, be it angels, humans or demons who rejects Jesus Christ or whose names are blotted out of the book of life.  As the name denotes, it will be a liquid fire that flows just as a normal lake of water. But it burns with fire and sulphur Revelation 19 verse 20.  The Bible describes experience in the Lake of fire as second death because it will be a place of eternal unproductivity, inactivity and constant sorrow and agony after an individual’s initial physical death on earth. It’s torment is eternal. There would be no rest from torments suffered as this carries on day and night and it would be impossible to die. The Lake of fire is distinct from Hell Fire. While both are places of torment, Hell fire is temporary and Lake of fire will be a permanent place of torment and sorrow II Samuel 22 verse 6; Psalm 18 verse 5). The Bible talks more about Hell fire (where people are presently suffering) than it does on the Lake of fire (where people would suffer in the future eternally). In order to explore this subject on Hell Fire, I would suggest you use the King James Version of the Bible to read all passages used to teach this subject at this website. In addition to the Bible teaching, I have also included eye witnesses account of this awful place. I personally believe in the testimonies these individuals as they support everything Jesus Christ taught about Hell. I believe as you read, you will not only escape, but would be instrumental in helping others to escape Hell fire forever. God bless.


By A. T . Omoyele


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