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Christ second coming to rule and establish his kingdom on planet earth is one of the most talked about subject in the Bible. All the prophetical books of the Bible talks about this great event. As old as these books are, their prophecies are futuristic. While lots of ministers of the gospel use the law of double reference to apply these prophesies to situations or events or as codes of conduct, the literal interpretation of these passages relates to the establishment of Christ rule on earth. The following examples are cases in point. Some ministers of the gospel use Ezekiel 11 verse 19, Ezekiel 36 verses 24 - 27 to teach the removal of the Adamic nature from the heart of born again believers. But a close study of these passages will show that the experience prophesied relates to the children of Israel whose heart God will change to accept their Messiah after they have been gathered from all over the world. Secondly passages such as Ezekiel 37 verse 4 have been used to emphasise the importance of revival in Churches. Once again a proper study of this passage will show that it relates to the children of Israel who have been spiritually dead for over two thousands years, but since May 1948 is beginning to rise to her feet in preparation for Christ’s second coming. While there is nothing wrong with any useful application of these passages (under the law of double reference) as I personally agree that the first passage should be used to teach Sanctification of the heart, care must be taken by those who minister these passages to note their original context.

As a student of Bible prophesies for the past fifteen years, I have been intrigued by the message of Christ Kingdom (or the kingdom of heaven) on earth. My exposure to studies on escathology as a young Christian gave me a leverage in seeking to know about God's coming Kingdom on earth. Lack of understanding of the phrase “…kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3 verse 2) in the earlier years of being a Christian, robbed me of the confidence of God’s full control of what lies in the future. I have always held the opinion that the kingdom of God refers to a peaceful and restful place for believers up in the sky after their demise on earth. It never occurs to me that God has fuller plans of blessedness for those who put their trust in Christ for salvation. I never grasped the truth of a period of time in history when believers in Christ will not only enjoyed the blessedness of the peacefulness of heaven, but will be glorified along with Jesus Christ to reign (like a Monarch) over human subjects both during a time known as the millennial reign and the New heaven and Earth.

It is my intention to bring to people’s understanding (through the leading of God’s spirit), what the scriptures says about Christ second coming and the implication of this great event for every individual person who has ever lived on the planet earth.

A proper understanding of this subject is pivotal to knowing why events are taking the turns they are in the world at present. The second coming of Christ will show the reader God’s full program of salvation for every body and the ultimate redemption of planet earth.

I believe after going through the topics on this website, you will not only be blessed, but will be a chanell of blessing to others in Jesus name. Amen

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